2020 National Libertarian Convention Delegate Signup

Update 5/3/2020. Due to the recent vote by the LNC, the date of the convention has come into questions. Per the LPO Bylaws, this could also change the Delegate list in Ohio. We have posted this list as a courtesy based on the last known date. We are still accepting sign ups for delegates and once the new date has been set the Delegate list will again by finalized per the LPO Bylaws. If you have any other questions, please feel free to reach out to [email protected]

Libertarian Party of Ohio 2020 Delegates to the National Convention

  • Harold Thomas
  • Patrick Glasgow
  • Daniel Faust
  • Dustin Nanna
  • John Fockler
  • Chad Harris
  • Homer Taft
  • Kryssi Wichers
  • Brandon Wichers
  • Helen Gilson
  • Jeff Zweber
  • Don Kissick
  • Tim Smyth
  • Jim Cavoli
  • Cassaundra Fryman
  • Tricia Sprankle
  • Jennifer Flower
  • Nathan Weise
  • John Stewart
  • Michael Sweeney
  • Jedi Hill
  • Steve Perkins
  • Kevin Kahn
  • Taylor Hoffmann
  • Chris Gil
  • Matt McGowan
  • Jimmy Mahaney
  • Michael Lopez
  • Anthony Dlugos
  • Joseph Hendrix
  • Emerson Johnson
  • Aaron Harris
  • Joshua White
  • Guy Merril
  • Kory Baker
  • Debra Zweber
  • Stephanie Green
  • Drake Lundstrom
  • Katrina Potter
  • Robert Harbour
  • David Lecklider
  • Mark Cretella
  • Bruce Earnheart
  • Alex Baer
  • Michelle MacCutcheon

Libertarian Party of Ohio 2020 Alternate Delegates to the National Convention

  • Andrew Smith
  • Stephen Babka
  • Travis Irvine
  • Jason Sonenshein
  • William Brackeen
  • Robert Gilson
  • Dirk Kubala
  • William Renner

Are you interested in representing the Libertarian Party of Ohio at the 2020 National Libertarian Convention in Austin Texas? We’d love to have you join us in helping select the next Libertarian Presidential Nominee, making important changes to the Platform and Bylaws, as well as having fun and partying! In Ohio, delegate priority is decided by the LPO Bylaws so knowing if you are interested is important! We encourage everyone to register on the Convention Website as well as filling out the form below. We will be determining the priority list based on our sign ups, so please do so promptly. If you don’t have a role in the party, don’t feel discouraged. We take numerous people from the general party membership and have an unlimited number of alternates so please sign up!

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