Management Team

James Cavoli


Dustin Nanna

Vice Chair

Helen Gilson

Deputy Vice Chair

There are currently four (4) operational divisions of the LPO Executive Committee, which has the power to add divisions where they make sense. The Directors and Deputy Directors coordinate the day to day operations of their respective divisions and work synergistically with other directors to advance common objectives. While often members of the Executive and Central Committee, Directors don’t have to and in fact, don’t even need to be recognized members of the party.  One or more Deputy Directors are encouraged for all the divisions. Directors and Deputies are non-voting members of the Executive Committee. While they are expected to attend Executive Committee meetings, such attendance can be virtual.

Directors are tasked to delegate, to our committed volunteers, the tasks and roles of the division and Party based on a well communicated and understood appreciation for the amount of time and resources any volunteer has to offer the cause. The more resources we have at every level makes us a stronger organization.

Political Division

The Political Division is focused on recruiting statewide candidates and acting as a legislative watchdog. Ultimately, the Political Division supports local candidates as best as they can where no county party or organization exists. They will also support the Libertarian Party’s presidential nominees. Lobbying, writing and reviewing legislation and issues. Fighting for fair elections and ballot access are a major focus and priority considering the current political corruption in Ohio.

Kevin Kahn


Tricia Sprankle

Deputy Director, Legislative Affairs


Deputy Director, Candidates and Campaigns

Communications Division

The Communications Division ties the organization together by coordinating all LPO communications including content management for the website, social media, press releases, promoting events, LPO statewide email announcements, routine inquiries and media contacts.

Brianna Coyle


Kryssi Wichers

Deputy Director

Caitlin Cloven

Deputy Director

James Mahaney

Social Media Administrator

Finance Division

The Finance Division is focused on generating the LPO’s financial resources through donations, gifts and monthly pledges from members and contributors. They are also responsible for fundraising events and promotions and available to advise LPO county affiliates and LPO candidates on finance issues.

Drake Lundstrom



Deputy Director

Information Technology (IT) Division

The IT Division is focused on the LPO’s technological infrastructure, maintenance of the party’s website, security of its data, and support for all online communications functions.



Derek Strelow

Deputy Director, AV Systems


Deputy Director, Software Solutions

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