Addressing Ohio’s Need for Health Care Providers Amid COVID-19 Pandemic


Addressing Ohio’s Need for Health Care Providers Amid COVID-19 Pandemic 
COLUMBUS, Ohio – Governor Mike Dewine and Dr. Amy Acton, you have gone far to prevent the spread of COVOID-19 in an attempt to keep Ohioans safe; however, more must be done to ensure that those who contract the virus are given the best care possible. It is known that the number of Ohioans infected with COVOID-19 far exceeds the 67 confirmed cases, as of Tuesday. As more infected seek treatment, Ohio will not only need beds and supplies – additional health care providers will be required. 

In order to address the increased need for health care providers amid the COVID-19 pandemic, it is critical that Ohio follow the lead of several states and waive state health care licensing requirements to allow health care providers licensed in other states to assist here in Ohio. This action will help ensure that those who are infected with COVID-19 are properly cared for, while also lessening the burden on our health care providers that are working tirelessly to combat this virus. 

Councilman Mike Mains, Mayor Cassaundra Fryman, candidate for Ohio’s 1st congressional district Kevin Kahn, and the Libertarian Party of Ohio support this action, as it will be essential to the health and public safety of the state. 

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