Ballot Access Update

A warm and heartfelt hello from the executive committee of The Libertarian Party of Ohio. We met for our October session, and wanted to send out an update on our unified vision for the political direction of the party in the buckeye state. We have a real battle on our hands with re-gaining ballot access for our candidates in future elections. Anyone in the party that has helped achieve this before, can attest to that. We had a large infusion of cash from the national party on our last go-round, which we will not have this time. We must also reassign a gang of five in charge of petition validation for the state. These must be fiercely reliable and responsible members of the party. We will refer this to the central committee to establish who those persons are. Weighing in on all factors, we have decided for the time being to drill down into local election successes.

These are so important, and also, so underappreciated. Municipal offices are the easiest and most effective way to restore liberties to ourselves and our neighbors in meaningful and lasting ways. Yes, the statewide races are exciting and more notorious than a small-town race for clerk, but that clerk’s actions can far better impact your life than what typically happens in Columbus or Washington. We are looking for a few more good people to lead the charge in their communities. Politics aren’t always as seen on tv. It can be something as small as repealing an ordinance against raising chickens or driving golf carts on side streets. Raising the quality of life by expanding the personal freedoms of your residents, is as lofty a goal as you can aim for in the political arena.

A momentary pause on ballot access is critical as we determine the best way to move forward with it. We need to be aggressive as well as efficient. Nothing feels better on election day than seeing an L next to a candidate’s name and having the ability to check that box. The Republicans running Columbus will not let us get there easily. Every time we make a touchdown, they shift the goalpost that much farther. However, we are porcupines after all, and as such, we will continue to show our quills in the face of hostile and restrictive requirements that continue to drain our funds, time, and volunteers. We will begin developing a plan of implementation before the end of the year.

If you are considering a run for office, whether locally or statewide, there are a handful of elected officials in Ohio that would be more than happy to speak with you and answer any questions you may have.

Yours in Liberty,

LPO Executive Committee

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