From Ohio on the New Hampshire Situation

In light of ongoing events between the Libertarian National Committee and the LP Affiliate in New Hampshire, the LPO has issued a letter to the LNC. The reasoning for this is quite simple; as an Affiliate Party ourselves, adverse extralegal conduct toward any other Affiliate threatens us as well. While we go to great lengths to operate the LPO as a force for liberty which stands on its own, it would be negligent of us to stand idly by, pretending “that would never happen to us” when the rules are broken to harm our peers. If the rules need to be changed, the delegates can change them. Between conventions, the delegates and all the members they represent put faith in those elected to the LNC to faithfully execute our mission within the frameworks we have established for them to do so.

Opinions abound with respect to the quality or appropriateness of a litany of actions, omissions, allegiances, and ideations of individuals throughout the present situation. There are rules and procedures in place at every level to deal with problematic conduct, to protect the integrity of the party, and most of all to maintain true to the will of the members. If we are to trust each other and work together, we must begin with the fundamental assumption that we’re all playing according to the same rules. The LNC needs to act swiftly and decisively to restore trust that regardless of which side of any conflict a member or Affiliate finds themselves, that they will face only the fair and just due process as we have all designed.

Jim Cavoli
Executive Committee Chair
Libertarian Party of Ohio

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