Hands off gas appliances

Banning the sale of an entire class of products isn’t “for people who CHOOSE to change” as those attempting to ban gas stoves are saying. They’re forcing everyone to change by attrition. As old ones wear out, people won’t have a choice but to change to electric. Eventually parts will become scarce and repairs prohibitively expensive.

How about this: provide the information and let the market decide. That’s letting people CHOOSE. Provide info on safer ventilation practices maybe – like running your range hood fan while cooking? Or let companies design a better kitchen ventilation system? Necessity is the mother of invention, afterall.

Electric stoves suck. Electric dryer’s and water heaters suck worse. Electric furnaces really suck. #savetheflame #handsoffmygas

This seems more like a plot to reduce use of fossil fuels and push towards “clean energy” because electricity can be produced by less effective “feel clean” methods like acres of solar or wind farms, who’s waste is never mentioned when announcements of building them is rejoiced by the media. Then there’s peak pricing during the hot summer days, rolling blackouts, and winter storm power outages – are people going to not be able to cook and stay warm in 50 years because everything is electric?

Cali is banning the sale of internal combustion cars while their electric grid can’t handle current electric demand. Forcing electric vehicles to increase in number on that grid in a decade, then force electric appliances into homes to replace gas ones… it’s like Cali and Biden are competing for who will break the grid first.

Screw that.

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  1. This reminds me of that saying “Death by a thousand paper cuts”. Both Dems and Republicans use these nit pick by nit pick ways to wear everyone down to the point where you want to give up. Those of us who aren’t getting worn down are only getting angrier. I’m sure there is a significant portion of the population who will by into this and say its a good idea. Personally, I don’t think they’re worth saving.

    1. You prefer electric then? I prefer gas. It should be OUR choice. Not some unelected bureaucratic agency that answers to the Executive Branch of our government making it for us. Most (if not all) such agencies shouldn’t exist let alone have any authority of us and our homes.

        1. “Personally I don’t think they’re worth saving” is what my reply was about. I understood you quite clearly. But that sentence really killed your point by saying in your opinion you don’t care if we can choose or not because you wouldn’t waste your time in the fight. Unless that was not what you meant with that sentence?

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