Leist Racks Up Endorsements in Ohio’s 72nd District Race Against Householder

9/25/2020 – Former Coshocton City Council candidate Robert Leist, who is running as a write-in candidate in Ohio’s 72nd District against scandal-ridden former House Speaker Larry Householder, has received a slew of endorsements from local leaders, including some from Householder’s own Perry County.

“With an acute need for fiscal responsibility and an end to cronyism, I will be writing in Robert Leist for State Representative from the 72nd District,” said Daniel Harmon, who serves as Mayor of Thornville, Ohio.

Coshocton City Council Member and small business owner Michelle Turner Ganz also endorsed Leist, saying, “I endorse Robert Leist, write-in candidate for State Representative in Ohio’s 72nd District. Robert seeks improvements in economy, education, digital infrastructure and the drug crisis. He is passionate about community and will be effective serving the interests of the people.”

Lieutenant Bill Kobel, a retired officer from the Coshocton County Sheriff’s Office, added, “I’ve watched Robert Leist grow up into a fine young family man. He has always been very respectful and a hard worker. He has many good ideas that would benefit the residents of our District. I hope everyone can join me in writing in Robert Leist for State Representative.”

Another former candidate for State Representative in the 72nd District, Tyler Maple, has endorsed Leist as well. “Robert Leist is the best write-in candidate for Representative of the 72nd District. In a time where it seems government is overwhelmed with corruption, it’s good to know that our district would have an upstanding representative of moral character who can bring change and trust back to state government. A real working-class hero who is dedicated to helping those in our community as well as neighboring ones. There’s no doubt in my mind that Robert Leist is the man for the job!”

The Libertarian Party of Ohio (LPO) has also officially endorsed Leist, noting that “Ohio and the 72nd District need someone who can restore public trust, protect the rights of its citizens and not be bound to corporate interests,” said LPO Political Director Patrick Glasgow about the Leist endorsement. “Robert has shown through the years his dedication to his community, the state and individual freedom, so we encourage voters to write-in Robert Leist on November 3rd.”

Reflecting on his endorsements, Leist stated “The endorsements of trust that I have received are very much appreciated. I am quite proud of the endorsements that I have received from the local leaders, laborers, small business owners, and first responders of District 72. These are a great example of the people that I will be representing… those who have long been forgotten and yearn to be heard.”

Leist is a registered Libertarian and is running a write-in campaign as an Independent. His team is currently running an active campaign given the circumstances to give the voters of Ohio’s 72nd District a principled option. Householder was indicted on federal charges stemming from a historic $60 million bribery scandal which includes many other Ohio Republican Party members and operatives. Householder was also stripped of his House Speaker title, despite showing no indication he will step down as a state representative.

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