Making Up is Hard to do; Making History is Even Harder

This coming Memorial Day weekend, the Libertarian Party is set up to make history with a big set of “firsts” in US politics. For the first time ever, a presidential nomination will be made by an entirely online assembly of delegates. As far as we’re aware, this will also be the first ever such online assembly of a recognized US political party. Although the Republican and Democratic parties are expected to follow suit to some degree or another, there’s of course a unique challenge to being the first to do anything. In uncharted territory, with a tight timeline, limited resources, and extreme demands on all involved from both within and outside of the party due to the present COVID-19 situation, the undertaking has been nothing short of a leviathan effort. The burden on the people involved, be they members of the LNC, LP staff, state parties and their staff, delegates themselves, and even the vendors that have been turned to for support has been immense, but we now stand positioned for the payoff to be prodigious.

Predictably, with a stressful and high-stakes situation coming to bear, there have been a lot of simply human behaviors to overcome to make this possibility real. There have been all sorts of regressive impulses and behaviors that we have had to fight, both within ourselves and within our parties to remain mission-focused, results-driven, and focused on realizing this historic moment for our members and the American Public. Challenges within ourselves, from the Dunning–Kruger effect, to anxiety, to regressive emotionality, came into play at some point and could have mired us in a pit of despair and prevented our progression though the process of learning how to make such an event possible, let alone stand a chance of success. Ultimately, however, it did not. We refused to be denied for a lack of trying.

Sometimes the hardest thing and the right thing are the same

It is on the shoulders of the work done by all involved over the past several weeks, enabled by their ferocious tenacity, unfaltering dedication to feedback and continuous improvement, and extensive means testing, that we stand here today ready to make history this weekend. With nearly all the preparation complete, this seminal event for the country is now a powerful opportunity for unity and declaration through action that the force of liberty in America is alive, well, and will not be deterred, no matter the extremity of the circumstance in which we find ourselves. The Libertarian Party will once again represent the freedom-loving, individual-respecting, hard-working, and high-achieving voices of our membership in this year, as many before, on the biggest political stage in America. We stand to demonstrate that we will not abide being ground down by the world and affirm loudly through our actions that the imperative to realize a world set free in our lifetimes transcends the challenges of the present time.

In spite of the trying times we find ourselves in, there is at least one beacon now set upon the horizon. All Libertarians might now look to this event as the rest of the world may remember it, deriving wonder at the Herculean effort it represents and hope for the statement it makes loudly. Delegates from across the country have even greater a mandate from the members now than before, to achieve not only their critical work, but to do it in spite of even greater challenges and realize even greater a moment than those before them. The Libertarian Party stands ready as ever to beat back any impediments to meeting its greatest remit to the members and the American people it is here to serve and once again provide a true choice for voters this year. We will come together, stand together, and soon, we will make history together once again.

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