New Libertarian Party Affiliate Established in Butler County

Butler County, OH 3/1/21– Butler County is the newest affiliate of the Libertarian Party of Ohio. The County joins eight other county affiliates around the state.

Per Libertarian Party of Ohio Constitution and Bylaws, the party will recognize affiliates that duly elect a controlling committee consisting of, at minimum, a Chair, Treasurer and Secretary. Members of the affiliate must meet membership standards as defined in Article II of the LPO Constitution. ORC does not define legal requirements for affiliates of any minor party or a party without current ballot access. Butler County met all requirements and are now an official affiliate. Affiliates must have consistent elections, file campaign reports to appropriate agencies, draft their own bylaws and multiple other steps as listed in Bylaw 710.1 if the LPO State Bylaws.

On Feb. 27th, Butler County Libertarian Party elected their controlling committee. Officers include Chair Amanda Kaelin of Hamilton, Secretary Kevin Beck of Fairfield, and Treasurer Helen Gilson of Monroe. They also passed their rules and bylaws as required by the Libertarian Party of Ohio.

“I am thrilled to welcome another affiliate to the LPO’s growing network of local organizations in the state. The Southwest region is a stronghold of liberty-minded Ohioans, and the continuing growth of our affiliate base in this region is proof of the need for these citizens to be heard and represented” Libertarian Party of Ohio Chair Jim Cavoli said in a statement. County Organizations and affiliates are organized to support Libertarian candidates and policies at all levels of government.

To find out more about Butler County Libertarian Party visit their Facebook page or contact Chairwoman Amanda Kaelin at [email protected]

To form join the Libertarian Party of Ohio visit https://lpo.org/join/. You can find out more about how you can form your own affiliate here.

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