We’re growing and need safe, new office space

On Sunday, Channel 6 News in Columbus reported a homicide on Busch Blvd. in The Continent, where LPO headquarters is located. Prior to this murder, we were aware of some minor issues, but did not consider them serious enough to warrantimmediate removal.  However, safety should be the highest consideration when choosing a place to live or work. Accordingly, we …

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Libertarians Hold Online Presidential Caucus

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE CONTACT: Patrick [email protected] in Ohio will get the chance to express their preference for the party’s 2020 Presidential nominee in an online Presidential Caucus, to be conducted from March 16 to 21.  The caucus will be hosted by votefreeohio.com.The Libertarian Party will hold its 2020 National Convention in Austin, TX, from May …

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Hidden Agenda Figures

Conspiracy theories are like influenza – it’s always around, but sometimes, it’s worse than others. And as we approach the quadrennial contest for First Citizen, we can be equally sure of hearing more conspiracy theories. Not all conspiracy theories are created equal. Some are less ridiculous than others.The 9-11 and Moon landing conspiracy theories I …

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