Ohio Libertarian Party Files Certification of Candidacy for Presidential Ticket

8/04/20- Ohio Libertarian Party filed to certify the candidacy of Presidential candidate Jo Jorgensen and running mate Spike Cohen. Accompanying the certification are the names of 18 presidential electors who will represent the party and Presidential ticket in the electoral college should Jorgensen/Cohen win. Notable electors include 12th district Congressional candidate John Stewart, 13th district Congressional candidate Michael Fricke, 4th district Congressional candidate Steve Perkins and 96th Ohio House district candidate Oscar Hererra.

The Ohio Libertarian Party attained ballot access in 2018 after turning in 102,000 signatures. To keep that ballot access for down ballot partisan elections, Jorgensen/Cohen must get at least 3% in the general election. Former Libertarian Presidential candidate Gary Johnson received 3.2% in the general election. He appeared on the ballot as an Independent due to the Libertarian Party not having ballot access. Lawmakers passed SB193 in 2013 restricting access for third parties.

” The Libertarian Party of Ohio is pleased to yet again provide Ohioans with options beyond the Republicans and Democrats. We believe that voters deserve the option to vote for someone they believe in and not merely against another candidate. Jo Jorgensen inspires Libertarians across the country, and we think she will inspire Ohio voters to cast their ballots for her electors this November.” Ohio Libertarian Party Chair Dustin Nanna said in a statement about the filing.

Dr. Jo Jorgensen is a Senior Lecturer in Psychology at Clemson University. She holds a Ph.D. in Industrial/Organizational Psychology (Clemson, 2002) and has taught full-time since 2006. She graduated in 1979 from Baylor University with a B.S. in Psychology and in 1980 from Southern Methodist University with an MBA.

Learn more: voteforjo.com and LPO.org

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