Vice-Presidential Candidate Speaks at BLM Protest

Columbus, OH 7/25/20 – Libertarian Party Vice-Presidential Candidate Spike Cohen arrived at the Ohio Statehouse to meet with local activist leaders from multiple organizations around Columbus.

Spike met with organizers and leaders from De-Escalate Ohio Now in an intimate group setting. Led by Cynthia Brown, activists shared their concerns about police brutality, ending qualified immunity and wiping out governmental policies that keep systemic racism in play.

”I wanted to attend this rally to show my support for the people of color who have been disproportionately affected by State sanctioned violence. I want to personally hear the voices of my fellow Americans and find out from them how best to be an ally to their cause.” Spike commented about the rally.

Local community leader Jason Edwin Williams commented ”Cohen stands for what De-Escalate Ohio Now is about and is fighting for. Let’s vote for him and Jo Jorgensen in November. We’re ready to start the journey to healing”

Jorgensen and Cohen are running on a platform with a large focus on criminal justice reform. This includes ending no-knock raids, civil asset forfeiture and qualified immunity. They call for abolishing the entirety of the federal drug war which targets people of color and low-income communities disproportionately. They want to bring policing back into the community.

Cohen was in town for the Libertarian Party of Ohio Convention held in Columbus. He met with the largest body of credentialed delegates in State party history. Cohen connected with local and federal candidates and held a joint presentation with former Libertarian Party Gubernatorial candidate Travis Irvine

Learn more: voteforjo.com and LPO.org

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  1. The more Spike Cohen makes common cause with the fascist BLM the more I have to re-evaluate my support. Support “black lives matter”, defeat the philosophy of Black Lives Matter. See for yourself at their website.

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