Vice-Presidential Candidate Spike Cohen to appear at Statehouse Protest

Columbus, OH – Libertarian Party Vice-Presidential Candidate Spike Cohen will stand in solidarity with protesters, like BLM, drawing attention to police brutality.

Saturday, July 25th, Spike was invited to speak at 2pm in front of the Statehouse about police brutality while he is in town for the Libertarian Party of Ohio state convention taking place the same weekend.

”I want to attend this rally to show my support for the people of color who have been disproportionately affected by State sanctioned violence. I want to personally hear the voices of my fellow Americans and find out from them how best to be an ally to their cause.” Spike commented about the rally.

FCLPO Vice-Chair Drake Lundstrom adds, “The Franklin County Libertarian Party is going to rally against police violence this Saturday to stand with the protestors and our Vice-Presidential candidate, Spike Cohen. Qualified immunity, no knock raids, and the militarization of the police must end.”

The first Libertarian federal congressman, Justin Amash, has introduced a bill to end qualified immunity. HR 7085 – Ending Qualified Immunity Act has been co-sponsored by Joyce Beatty (D-OH-3) after she was pepper sprayed by Columbus police while peacefully protesting.

Spike Cohen was nominated along with presidential candidate, Jo Jorgensen, in May 2020 in the nations first ever virtual nominating convention.

Learn more: voteforjo.com and LPO.org

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  1. Not quite sure why Spike Cohen and/or the Libertarian Party is making common cause with Black Lives Matter. The last time I looked at their web site it had very little to do with black lives matter and very much to do with an authoritarian socialist agenda. Not every enemy of my enemy should be my friend.

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