Vice-Presidential Candidate Spike Cohen to Speak at Ohio Libertarian Party Convention

Columbus, OH – Libertarian Party Vice-Presidential Candidate Spike Cohen will attend the Libertarian Party of Ohio convention July 24th-26th 2020 at the Columbus Airport Marriott (1375 Cassady Ave Columbus 43219)

Cohen will be speaking on Saturday July 25th at 12pm to an enthusiastic crowd. Former Ohio Libertarian Party Gubernatorial candidate Travis Irvine will also be hosting a Q&A with the first millennial Vice-Presidential candidate on all 50 ballots

Cohen was nominated alongside Libertarian Presidential candidate Jo Jorgenson on Memorial Day weekend in the first ever virtual presidential nominating convention. A South Carolina native, Cohen is excited to bring the message of liberty to the Buckeye state.

To learn more about Jorgensen/Cohen, visit voteforjo.com

To learn more abut the Libertarian Party of Ohio, visit lpo.org

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