Vice-Presidential Candidate Visits Libertarian Party of Ohio

Columbus, OH – Libertarian Party Vice-Presidential Candidate Spike Cohen attended the Libertarian Party of Ohio convention July 24th-26th 2020 in Columbus. He was greeted by the largest credentialed delegation in State party history. Cohen gathered with local and federal candidates to discuss issues facing Ohio

”I’m happy to be in the Buckeye state to meet local Ohio leaders working to spread the message of liberty in their communities. Draconian election laws forced on third parties in Ohio by the GOP require the Libertarian Party presidential ticket to get at least 3% of the vote in the general election. Jorgensen and I are confident that we’ll exceed those goals with help from the passionate supporters I’ve met this weekend” Cohen said about the convention.

Cohen gave the keynote address on Saturday July 25th at 7pm to an enthusiastic crowd. He spoke about reaching voters by listening to concerns and working through solutions not offered by the two old parties. Cheers rang through the crowd when Cohen said “I hear the Ohio Speaker of the House has been arrested” talking of course about the 60 million dollar bribery scheme that landed multiple top Ohio Republicans in jail, including Speaker Larry Householder. “I don’t think Householder will be holding the House anymore.”

Former Ohio Libertarian Party Gubernatorial candidate, Travis Irvine, hosted a joint presentation with the first millennial Vice-Presidential candidate on all 50 ballots. Irvine, a stand-up comedian, felt right at home with Cohen as they discussed ‘Humor in Politics’.

“It was an honor to share a conversation about comedy and politics with our Vice-Presidential nominee, Spike Cohen, to serve as a reminder that a sense of humor is not just a way to get noticed in such a toxic political landscape, it’s also a way to tell the truth,” Irvine said. “I look forward to helping Spike and our Presidential nominee Jo Jorgensen run against the two old party’s despicable candidates in the election this fall.”

Cohen was nominated alongside Libertarian Presidential candidate Jo Jorgenson on Memorial Day weekend in the first ever virtual presidential nominating convention.

To learn more about Jorgensen/Cohen, visit voteforjo.com

To learn more about the Libertarian Party of Ohio, visit lpo.org

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  1. How do these clowns get in office and then stay there there for years? If we had term limits on politicians, maybe they would not become so corrupt. They are in office to serve the people of their community or county. Not the highest paying lobbyist or big business. We need to develop a process that allows the people’s opinion and small businesses to be represented. After this last presidential election with all the fraud, socialistic direction and media biases; the silent majority are sick and tired with “politicians” and just want to have truth, justice and the American way. This is were the Libertarian party can stand up!

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