United States National Defense and Foreign Policy

“Turn America into One Giant Switzerland: Armed and Neutral,”

says Jo Jorgensen, Libertarian Party candidate for President of the United States 2020.

With all the military force needed to defend America’s shores and soil against foreign attackers or invaders. Armed and trained, able and ready to defend the life, liberty, and property of Americans against foreign aggressors. 

“National Defense means defending our nation, our country, the United States of America. 

“Military self-defense for America is a good and necessary thing. Our country could not exist without it.

“Unfortunately, for the last 70 years, most elected Democrats and Republicans in Congress and the White House voted for and supported actions and policies and laws and taxes that made America far less defended, far less safe, and far less free.

“Elected, appointed, and hired Democrats and Republicans in the federal government have gotten us into and kept us in foreign wars, in foreign countries, for foreign interests. 

“Virtually none of these foreign wars, warriors, or warmongers posed a clear and present danger to America’s shores or soil or the American people who live here.

“Virtually none were necessary for America’s self-defense.

“Yet these needless wars caused the injuries or deaths of hundreds of thousands of American soldiers…and the waste of trillions of tax dollars — and the creation of trillions of dollars of federal government debt.

“U.S. government involvement in these wars caused the deaths and injuries of hundreds of thousands of people in foreign lands. And cost their citizens trillions of dollars in taxes and destruction. And needlessly created hundreds of thousands of enemies for us.

“It’s time to bring America to peace. It’s time for America to stop participating in foreign wars. We must stop inserting ourselves in them. Stop allowing ourselves to be drawn into them. We must stay out.

“No American military personnel stationed in foreign countries. No military aid. No foreign aid — which is easily used for foreign military purposes. No loans for their governments. No loan guarantees.

“No American government economic sanctions or embargoes of any non-military, non-war materials going into or coming out of other countries. Because ‘sanctions’ and ‘embargoes’ are nothing less than old-fashioned sieges.

“We must take America off foreign battlefields. We must keep America free at home and at peace with other countries abroad.

“There are politicians and pundits who fiercely oppose my Libertarian Non‑Interventionist Foreign Policy proposal. Despite the fact that they’re interventionist, near-imperialist foreign wars have regularly and repeatedly and dismally failed. 

“Some will even lie to you about what it means to turn America into one giant Switzerland: armed and neutral.

“I am proposing an American military force ready and able to defend the continental United States, Alaska, Hawaii, and all U.S. territories against foreign attackers or invaders. I am proposing we keep our government and our military out of foreign wars. Neutral. With free and open civilian trade between Americans and the citizens of other countries.

“Some opponents claim we are proposing pacifism. Which words did they overlook: ‘armed’ or ‘American military force ready and able to defend America’s shores and soil’?  They might want to read up on what Switzerland did to German military forces who attacked them during World War II.

“Other opponents claim that we are proposing isolationism. They are wrong.

“Switzerland is non-interventionist. Free and open trade, but no military interventionism in the conflicts and wars of foreign countries. 

“Imperial Japan and Great Wall China a few centuries ago were isolationist. They kept out of foreign wars, but they also blockaded foreign trade and foreign travel. By force of law, by the power of their governments, they cut off and insulated their people from all commerce and relations with outsiders. Isolationism made their societies stagnant and weak and ignorant.

“The Jo Jorgensen for President 2020 non-interventionist foreign policy can turn America into one giant Switzerland. Armed and neutral. With peaceful, free and open trade and travel. An America of greater freedom. An America at peace with the world.

“If this is what you want, visit our website, www.voteforjo.com Check us out. If you like what you see, join us.”

Yours for Liberty and Peace,

Jo Jorgensen
Libertarian Party Candidate for President of the United States 2020
1996 Libertarian Vice-Presidential Nominee

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