Oh, Virginia – Sic Semper Tyrannis

Not dissimilar from yelling “Fire!” in a crowded theater, Virginia Governor Ralph Northam and his team of gun control enthusiasts are eyeing controversial new gun control legislation in the state which could have the potential to result in abuses of rights, abuses of power, and potentially violence in enforcing these laws.  Not surprisingly, the result …

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“If you dislike this country so much, why don’t you move to [_____]!”

Ah, the familiar sting. From 2008 – 2016, these were words typically echoed by my Democrat friends, very commonly with the stated nation being Somalia (apparently a “libertarian” society in the eyes of their political ideology). Before that, you might be told to move to Iraq or Afghanistan under Bush. Amidst the latest foreign policy …

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War Powers

By now, I’m sure that it’s news to no one that, on the orders of President Trump, a drone attack killed the top Iranian general, a man some predicted had the connections and the skills to rise even higher.  The attack took place at an airport in Iraq, where the general and other key military …

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The Fight Over Funding Provided to Children for Education

An article titled “AACS opposes sale to charter school” in a recent edition of the Ashtabula Star Beacon was more of an advertorial for a public institution than a news story.  That result should be no surprise considering the author’s interviews included only school board members and administrators within the district.  These public employees are …

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Hidden Agenda Figures

Conspiracy theories are like influenza – it’s always around, but sometimes, it’s worse than others. And as we approach the quadrennial contest for First Citizen, we can be equally sure of hearing more conspiracy theories. Not all conspiracy theories are created equal. Some are less ridiculous than others.The 9-11 and Moon landing conspiracy theories I …

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