Libertarians Hold Online Presidential Caucus

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Libertarians in Ohio will get the chance to express their preference for the party’s 2020 Presidential nominee in an online Presidential Caucus, to be conducted from March 16 to 21.  The caucus will be hosted by
The Libertarian Party will hold its 2020 National Convention in Austin, TX, from May 21 to 25, 2020.  Delegates from across the country, including Ohio, will nominate candidates for President and Vice-President, as well as conducting other business and selecting party officials.  Ohio LP delegates are not bound by the results of the caucus. Nonetheless, it is an important way for the rank and file members of the party to make their preferences known. LPO Political Director Patrick Glasgow said, “Because the State of Ohio denies presidential primaries to minor parties, it is important to our Delegation that we know the opinion of the state membership for the presidential nominee.”
Glasgow explained that candidate participation will be limited to Libertarian candidates who have filed with the Federal Elections Commission and have more than $1 in their account.  “The LP is a serious political party,” he stated. “As Libertarians, we may not always be happy about the rules of the game as set by the two legacy parties and their representatives.  But we feel that we’re stuck with them until we’re in a position to change them.” Instant runoff voting, also known as ranked choice voting, will be used to determine the eventual winner and, as is always the case in LP elections, “none of the above” will always be an option.
While the caucus results are non-binding, the process is important, given the LPO’s stakes in the 2020 Presidential election.  Thanks to the draconian ballot access law passed in 2013 by a Republican legislative majority and signed by Republican Gov. John Kasich, the Libertarian candidate for President must gain 3% of the vote in order to stay on the ballot.  “We need to get our activists excited about our candidates and the process,” Glasgow explained. “This caucus, we hope, will be the first step in doing this.”

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