Marijuana Decriminalization Passes in Plymouth

Plymouth, OH 7/28/2020- Marijuana is now decriminalized in Plymouth, Ohio. That means there will be no monetary incentive to enforce marijuana related infractions. Taking away the fine discourages enforcement of the draconian state law.

The ordinance passed in a 4-3 vote with Libertarian Mayor Cassaundra Fryman being the deciding vote. Mayor Fryman, who introduced the ordinance, said in her impassioned speech to the council “I want Plymouth to be seen as receptive to change, moving in a direction of economic and cultural modernization, and most importantly, restoring bodily autonomy to our community.”

Plymouth is one of many cities and townships passing local ordinances because the state refuses to act. Marijuana related offences cost a lot of tax dollars to prosecute and a large percentage of our jails are filled with people convicted of these non-violent crimes.  The hope with these ordinances is to show the state that Ohio is ready for full and immediate legalization of marijuana.

Cassaundra Fryman is a Libertarian and started her term 01/01/2020. She hopes to continue working with the city council to bring more liberty to her constituents.

Find out more about the Libertarian Party of Ohio at LPO.org


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  1. Good move! – The whole state would have legalized marijuana in 2015 if the voters had not been fooled by greedy growers, the media, and other corrupt forces into thinking it was about business and not about the freedom of thousands of good citizens!

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