Let’s start by conceding that the prevailing wages for many service industry jobs is very, very low, too low for a person to live on.  There are all kinds of suggestions for why this is so, ranging from the sensible to the ridiculous, but never mind that now.  That’s not the reason for this piece.  …


May Executive Committee Meeting

Normal monthly Executive Committee Meeting of the Libertarian Party of Ohio. Agenda will be posted 1 week prior. For agenda items please contact Acting Chairman Patrick Glasgow. Meeting will be streamed via the LPO YouTube Chanel. This meeting will take place 30 minutes following the Central Committee Meeting,.

Central Committee Meeting

Normal Central Committee Meeting of the Libertarian Party of Ohio. Please email Chair Tricia Sprankle for agenda items. Agenda will be publicly posted one week prior. Please join us via the LPO YouTube channel.

Libertarians of Montgomery Monthly Executive Meeting

The Libertarians of Montgomery May Executive Meeting will be Thursday, May 20, 6-8 pm at Bennett’s Publical 67 S Main St. at Linden Miamisburg, OH 45342   On the agenda: We will hear from Reconstructing Dayton about their Ranked Choice Voting ballot initiative.

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