Statement on Federal Vaccine Mandate Announcements

The Libertarian Party of Ohio is appalled at the vaccine mandate announced today by the federal government. Businesses may decide how to engage with employees, especially in vulnerable settings, as with all things in the freely chosen contract between employer and employee. Medical decisions may be decided between doctors and patients, freely choosing to work with each other. When the government compels the administration of vaccines as a condition of all employment contracts, we see a dystopian medical fascism. This is an affront to both individual freedom and bodily autonomy, taking hold perversely by threatening the livelihood of every working American.

Libertarians everywhere must look out for those who are victims of government overreach, and suddenly we find ourselves nearly all in the crosshairs. A President is not a King and should not be both the creator and enforcer of laws. It is unconstitutional, not only infringing upon our individual rights, but also bypassing the co-equal branch of government whose sole purpose is to craft the laws by which we are governed. Unlike the other parties, it doesn’t matter to us what any politician’s personal or moral preference is. We must stand for all rights, of all people, all of the time.

Jim Cavoli
Executive Committee Chair

2 thoughts on “Statement on Federal Vaccine Mandate Announcements”

  1. First we had to endure destructive lockdowns and then mandatory vaccines. This is another appalling example of government overreach. I can not wait to vote for Libertarian candidates this fall!

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