“If you dislike this country so much, why don’t you move to [_____]!”

Ah, the familiar sting. From 2008 – 2016, these were words typically echoed by my Democrat friends, very commonly with the stated nation being Somalia (apparently a “libertarian” society in the eyes of their political ideology). Before that, you might be told to move to Iraq or Afghanistan under Bush. Amidst the latest foreign policy …

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The Nonsense of the Nanny State

Included in a massive spending signed by President Donald Trump is a provision to raise the age of purchasing tobacco and tobacco products from 18 to 21. There has been a bipartisan push for such restriction and adding such a provision to a must-pass series of bills ensured that such prohibition would be passed. The …

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We’re growing and need safe, new office space

On Sunday, Channel 6 News in Columbus reported a homicide on Busch Blvd. in The Continent, where LPO headquarters is located. Prior to this murder, we were aware of some minor issues, but did not consider them serious enough to warrantimmediate removal.  However, safety should be the highest consideration when choosing a place to live or work. Accordingly, we …

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Free The Children

Those who want to abolish Academic Distress Commissions such as those in Lorain are right, but don’t provide a solution. We should also abolish the respective school boards, which have repeatedly proved incapable of educating children well for many years. In Lorain’s instance at least, it seems to be mostly not about the students, but …

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The Imperial President

After the passage of the 16th Amendment, the United States created the first Constitutionally compliant income tax by amending the Constitution. This enabled the creation of the IRS to collect those taxes and (after legislation) the Federal Reserve System of the country which was the first Constitutionally compliant “central” bank. Central is in quotes because it …

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