There’s No Such Thing as an Election “Spoiler”

Every election cycle we hear of the “spoiler,” the third-party candidate whose candidacy threatens to swing the election, not by winning, but by siphoning votes away from one of the two major party candidates. Some Democrats are still upset at Ralph Nader, the 2000 Green Party Presidential candidate. They believe he took votes from Al Gore in …

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A Whole Constitution

For some time now, our American “Nativists,” those who believe in “America for the Americans” and oppose most immigration, have grated over the doctrine of birthright citizenship, the principle that any person born on US soil, regardless of the immigration status of his or her parents, is an American citizen. Now comes our president, who …

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Ohio HB 571: Taxing a Tax

“Taxation is theft” is a well-used Libertarian motto, even by the minarchists in the party, like me, who concede that some government is necessary, and therefore must be paid for somehow.  The reason we say that is that tax money is extracted from the taxpayer at the point of a gun, at least by implication.  …

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Seems to Me I’ve Heard That Song Before

We’ve all heard the speech.  In fact, we’ve all heard it over and over again.  It goes something like this: “Friends, and I call you friends because you are my friends, this is a wonderful country we all live in.  It’s a great country, and we’re a great people.  But we have fearsome challenges ahead of us.  …

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