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Condemning Racism and Violence

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASECONTACT: Harold Thomas – [email protected] COLUMBUS, OHIO – The LPO condemns systemic racism and violence against people of color. The murder of George Floyd under color of law demonstrates the pervasive nature of unjust treatment by authorities charged with preserving justice and peace. The treatment of protestors both at the Statehouse, in other …

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Libertarian Party Nominates Jo Jorgensen

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:Jo Jorgensen has been nominated as the Libertarian Party Presidential candidate in the first-in-the-nation virtual presidential nominating convention. 1046 delegates participated in the convention. The Libertarian Party will be on all 50 ballots and have the opportunity to vote for Jo Jorgensen.  In the age of social distancing, the Libertarian Party has shown …

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Libertarian Presidential Caucus Results

Columbus, Ohio – Libertarians in Ohio have voted on their preference for the party’s 2020 Presidential nominee. The online caucus close on Saturday and results were posted on Jacob Hornberger won with 51% of the vote in the 8th round of Instant Runoff Voting,  The caucus used a style of voting called Ranked Choice Voting, where …

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Resolution Endorsing Dustin Nanna for Region 3 Representative to the LNC

WHEREAS, Dustin Nanna has served as the Region 3 Alternate for 2 ½ terms. ALSO WHEREAS, Region 3 traditionally votes the Alternate to the main Representative after 1 term. ALSO WHEREAS, Ohio, being the largest delegation in Region 3 should have a larger representation on the LNC. THEREFORE IT BE RESOLVED, The Libertarian Party of …

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Libertarian Primary Voting Opens in Most Ohio Counties

Ohio voters wishing for an alternative to the same-old-same-old legacy parties will be able to vote this year in a Libertarian Party primary in most counties in the state. Early voting begins at country boards of election on February 19. The deadline to register is the day before voting opens, February 18. The primary itself …

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