Embarrassed Officers Attempt to Sue Afroman After Failed Search Warrant 

By Kyle Dupler ADAMS COUNTY OHIO – Many Adams County Sheriff’s Deputies and Sargents are suing famous rapper “Afroman” Joseph Foreman and his affiliated companies for Unauthorized Use of Individual’s Persona, citing Ohio Revised Code Chapter 2741, and three claims of invasion of privacy. This lawsuit comes after a failed search warrant at Foreman’s home. […]

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Hands off gas appliances

Banning the sale of an entire class of products isn’t “for people who CHOOSE to change” as those attempting to ban gas stoves are saying. They’re forcing everyone to change by attrition. As old ones wear out, people won’t have a choice but to change to electric. Eventually parts will become scarce and repairs prohibitively

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Let’s start by conceding that the prevailing wages for many service industry jobs is very, very low, too low for a person to live on.  There are all kinds of suggestions for why this is so, ranging from the sensible to the ridiculous, but never mind that now.  That’s not the reason for this piece. 


Prohibition affects YOU!

About 24 hours ago as I write this, in the wee small hours of Monday, my wife and daughter were in their beds in our third floor apartment when at least 15 gunshots were fired on the ground floor of our building.  Two people were subsequently driven to the hospital with critical wounds.  The police

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