Let’s start by conceding that the prevailing wages for many service industry jobs is very, very low, too low for a person to live on.  There are all kinds of suggestions for why this is so, ranging from the sensible to the ridiculous, but never mind that now.  That’s not the reason for this piece.  …


Prohibition affects YOU!

About 24 hours ago as I write this, in the wee small hours of Monday, my wife and daughter were in their beds in our third floor apartment when at least 15 gunshots were fired on the ground floor of our building.  Two people were subsequently driven to the hospital with critical wounds.  The police …

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Up in Arms about the 9th Circuit?

On Thursday, March 24th, the United States Courts for the Ninth Circuit gave a 7-4 en banc opinion in GEORGE YOUNG, JR. V. STATE OF HAWAII, rejecting a challenge to Hawaii’s requirement that residents must pass an application process to have weapons outside the home. The question presented in this case was limited to whether …

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“The Most Important Election of Our Lifetimes”

We’ve all heard it. And heard it. And heard it! “This is the most important election of our lifetimes!” If we don’t vote out the incumbent, we’ll have fascism, and rigged elections – or even no elections – and children will be begging for their food in workhouses, like in Oliver Twist. Or, if we don’t re-elect the incumbent, …

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