John Fockler

War Powers

By now, I’m sure that it’s news to no one that, on the orders of President Trump, a drone attack killed the top Iranian general, a man some predicted had the connections and the skills to rise even higher.  The attack took place at an airport in Iraq, where the general and other key military …

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Hidden Agenda Figures

Conspiracy theories are like influenza – it’s always around, but sometimes, it’s worse than others. And as we approach the quadrennial contest for First Citizen, we can be equally sure of hearing more conspiracy theories. Not all conspiracy theories are created equal. Some are less ridiculous than others.The 9-11 and Moon landing conspiracy theories I …

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Petition for Office

Hey, boys and girls! Do you want to let your State Representative, State Senator, or even your Congressperson know what you reallythink of them? Do you want to strike a blow for Liberty? Do you want to do battle with the cult of the omnipotent state?Well, now’s your chance! For just 25 valid signatures, you, too, can …

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A Whole Constitution

For some time now, our American “Nativists,” those who believe in “America for the Americans” and oppose most immigration, have grated over the doctrine of birthright citizenship, the principle that any person born on US soil, regardless of the immigration status of his or her parents, is an American citizen. Now comes our president, who …

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To LP, or Not to LP; That Is the Question

First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win. Mahatma Gandhi One of the age-old controversies in the liberty movement is this: “Is it better to work from within the two-party system, or from without?”  This issue came to the fore late last year and early this year …

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