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At the Libertarian Party of Ohio, we occasionally get emails, calls and letters from our membership complaining about some of the memes run on our social media pages. And from time to time, we run controversial memes. Many readers prefer serious, thoughtful, and in-depth articles and posts that reflect a professional presentation of solutions to

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Vote like a Libertarian in 2018

Even though your taxes are used to run statewide elections, as a member of the Libertarian Party of Ohio, you have again been unfairly denied ballot access.  At your local Primary Election location in May, Libertarian ballots will not be available! Even though the Johnson/Weld campaign got 3.17% of the vote in 2016 and exceeded the state’s requirement of 3%, the

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2017 LPO Election News

While we wish we could report more victories, the 2017 elections had some bright spots for Ohio Libertarians.  More importantly, the results demonstrate a growing interest in the Party and bodes well for our ability to maintain our Party status once we complete our Ballot Access Petition drive. Assuming the courts enforce the law and

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Here we grow again!

In the wake of the best ever Libertarian support in a presidential election, the Libertarian Party of Ohio is gaining new support and volunteers every day!  We are happy to announce several new posts, both those elected at the recent Central Committee meeting as well as several important new appointments made by the Executive Committee.

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