Free The Children

Those who want to abolish Academic Distress Commissions such as those in Lorain are right, but don’t provide a solution. We should also abolish the respective school boards, which have repeatedly proved incapable of educating children well for many years. In Lorain’s instance at least, it seems to be mostly not about the students, but […]

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The Imperial President

After the passage of the 16th Amendment, the United States created the first Constitutionally compliant income tax by amending the Constitution. This enabled the creation of the IRS to collect those taxes and (after legislation) the Federal Reserve System of the country which was the first Constitutionally compliant “central” bank. Central is in quotes because it

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President Pandora

When Article II of the Constitution was originally penned creating the Executive Branch, the authors made many valiant attempts to circumvent overreach within any one branch of the government. On the other hand, they also recognized the need to have a way to resolve conflict between the Legislative and Executive Branches. That mechanism was the

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The Libertarian Party: A History From Hospers to Johnson

A brief history of how the Libertarian Party went from a small, meaningless group to a rapidly growing third party option for those inclined to liberty. The Libertarian Party John Hospers (1918-2011) was the first Libertarian presidential candidate. He defined Liberty best in 1971, during his campaign for President in 1972, that “Liberty is the

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There’s No Such Thing as an Election “Spoiler”

Every election cycle we hear of the “spoiler,” the third-party candidate whose candidacy threatens to swing the election, not by winning, but by siphoning votes away from one of the two major party candidates. Some Democrats are still upset at Ralph Nader, the 2000 Green Party Presidential candidate. They believe he took votes from Al Gore in

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