Central Region Picnic

We are planning on streaming the Buckeye game starting at 12, then starting the actual program of events at 2pm. We will be having the typical cook out and the LPO will provide the meats/buns/condiments. If you are willing to help with food by bringing a side dish to share, you can use coupon code […]

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Dayton Presidential Townhall

In collaboration with the Montgomery County Development Group, we will be having a Presidential Townhall here in Ohio! We are expecting many presidential candidates hoping to secure the nomination for the 2020 race. This event presents a unique opportunity to get to know those in the running in a more intimate and interactive group setting

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Northern Regions Picnic

We’re hosting a Libertarian picnic and rally in cooperation with the Lorain County Libertarian Party. We will provide meats (expected to be pulled pork and smoked chicken) and burgers and dogs for the kids at 2 PM. We’ll have soft drinks (no alcohol is allowed in the park). If you bring a salad, veggie, potato,

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LPO Supports Progress in the Reduction of Taxation and Calls for More Progress

The Libertarian Party of Ohio takes positions on many legislative issues and would like to applaud some of these efforts and explain why we support the intention of bills as written today. The Ohio 133rd General Assembly has many tax matters in the decision process we have analyzed. HB 18 (Exempt veterans disability severance pay from

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