Image By Bob Hall from Christchurch, New Zealand – Ohio Statehouse. Uploaded by AlbertHerring, CC BY-SA 2.0, Link

We’re growing and need safe, new office space!

The future home of your LPO’s operations is in the hands of libertarians like you! Can we count on your support?

Upcoming Events

Volunteer Appreciation Party

Celebrate our fantastic volunteers with food, drinks, door prizes and raffle! A years worth of hard work, knocking on doors, spreading liberty and getting it…
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2020 Primary Election Filing Deadline

This is the deadline for filing candidate petitions for office in 2020 including the State and County Central Committee. Please see for more information.
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Latest Updates

We’re growing and need safe, new office space

On Sunday, Channel 6 News in Columbus reported a homicide on Busch Blvd. in The Continent, where LPO headquarters is located. Prior to this murder, we were aware…

Hidden Agenda Figures

Conspiracy theories are like influenza – it’s always around, but sometimes, it’s worse than others. And as we approach the quadrennial contest for First Citizen,…

Petition for Office

Hey, boys and girls! Do you want to let your State Representative, State Senator, or even your Congressperson know what you reallythink of them? Do you…

Dayton to host Presidential Townhall

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Dayton, Ohio – The best way a voter can exercise their Democratic right is by being as well-informed as possible. Candidate accessibility is key…

What is the LPO?

The Libertarian Party of Ohio (LPO) is a state affiliate of the Libertarian Party – the third largest political party in the nation, and the only true alternative to the Republican and Democrat stranglehold on our economic freedom and individual liberty. The LPO recognizes YOU own your life, and you are free to pursue happiness in YOUR way, with limited interference from government.

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