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LPO Executive Committee Endorsement of Robert Leist

WHEREAS, Larry Householder was running unopposed in the Ohio 72nd. ALSO WHEREAS, Larry Householder is under investigation as the primary focus of a bribery scandal…

Resolution Reaffirming Commitment to Equal Treatment

WHEREAS, fair and equal treatment, respect, and comfort are vital to any successful team and working environment, and WHEREAS, the importance of each individual to…

Resolution Censuring Harold Thomas

WHEREAS Charges of sexual harassment have been brought against Harold Thomas under LPO Bylaw 315 and; WHEREAS The appropriate due process considerations required by Bylaw…

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What is the LPO?

The Libertarian Party of Ohio (LPO) is a state affiliate of the Libertarian Party – the third largest political party in the nation, and the only true alternative to the Republican and Democrat stranglehold on our economic freedom and individual liberty. The LPO recognizes YOU own your life, and you are free to pursue happiness in YOUR way, with limited interference from government.

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