Credit Bureau or Credit Bubble?

Are the credit bureaus responsible? Are they contributing to the housing and credit bubble? Why is identity theft so rampant? What can we do about it? Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it. George Santayna Credit is the most terrifying and misunderstood financial item used by the consumer today. Most people have no idea …

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Say no to a permanent tax increase!

Franklin County is considering making its temporary quarter-penny sales-tax hike permanent. Officials figure people have already been paying it, so they won’t notice the pinch. Besides, it’s for a good cause: government. We appreciate that county officials’ hearts are in the right place — they see endless social-service needs and desirable community investments that an …

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2017 LPO Election News

While we wish we could report more victories, the 2017 elections had some bright spots for Ohio Libertarians.  More importantly, the results demonstrate a growing interest in the Party and bodes well for our ability to maintain our Party status once we complete our Ballot Access Petition drive. Assuming the courts enforce the law and …

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LPO attends Students for Liberty Convention

On November 4th three members of the LPO were fortunate enough to attend the Student for Liberty Regional Conference hosted at The Ohio State University. We were very grateful for the invitation to represent the Libertarian Party of Ohio. Despite a modest attendance, the quality of the crowd was apparent and while walking the hall where …

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Issue 1: Marsy’s Law

After careful deliberation, the Libertarian Party of Ohio has taken a position in opposition to State Issue 1. The LPO supports the rights of Ohioans, including crime victims, and believes the criminal justice system must remain fair and open, but does not believe that State Issue 1 is the way to achieve either goal. An …

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