Statement from the LPO Chair on Ohio Primary Election

Gov. DeWine is showing his contempt for the rule of law by reiterating his desire to for postpone tomorrow’s election. Judge Frye ruled according to the law, which provides no justification other than invasion.

If we don’t value our Constitutional rights more than “public safety”, we will see our rights eliminated in the name of public safety.

In any event, the Secretary of State has provided for a drive-by method to minimize unwanted contact between voters and election officials.

We trust the Ohio Supreme Court will uphold Judge Frye’s sound ruling.

Harold Thomas
Executive Committee Chair
Libertarian Party of Ohio

1 thought on “Statement from the LPO Chair on Ohio Primary Election”

  1. We also demand that Gov. DeWine respect the ruling and enforce it, as he is bound by his oath of office to do.

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